Treasure Map: How to Be Rich Toward God

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Treasure Map: How to Be Rich Toward God

There are countless books, conferences, and workshops about 'How to Be Rich,' but Jesus introduced a different concept 2000 years ago: He taught people how to be rich toward God. In the book of Luke, we see Jesus draw a path for pursuing real rewards and accumulating eternal assets. Join Horizon for Treasure Map, and learn how success on Earth and wealth in Heaven can coexist. This Equipping Series begins Sept. 29th and runs through Nov. 25th.


More than Bigger Barns

Luke 12:13-21


More than Money Bags

Luke 12:22-34


More than Accumulation

Luke 12:35-48


More than a Comfortable Life

Luke 12:49-59


More than Karma and Fruitlessness

Luke 13:1-9


More than Selfishness and Self-Righteousness

Luke 13:1-17


More than Living for Self

Luke 13:18-21


More than Being First

Luke 13:22-30


More than Business as Usual

Luke 13:31-35

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More Than Bigger Barns
Drew Thorwall September 30, 2018
More Than Money Bags
Chad Hovind October 07, 2018
More Than Accumulation
Chad Hovind October 14, 2018